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Popular Massage Chairs PL-820


Design based on Shiatsu and Acupuncture techniques, this luxurious massage chair with built in Chi Machine, provides ultimate massage experiences with acupressure point massage functions. Automatic acupressure points diagnoses, kneading multi-directional leg massage with chi stimulation feature (far superior over outdated airbag technology), quiet, hi-tech components/workmanship all in a professional quality leather massage chair.



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  • The flexible massage wheels are designed based on the hands of a masseuse, which effortlessly provide detailed shiatsu massage and overall full body total relaxation.

  • Six Built-in Massage features: multi-directional kneading, rolling, tapping, and multi-combinations, which will accurately locate and release acu-pressure points to assist with relieving your discomfort and body soreness.

  • Four Attractive Color Options To Compliment your Office or Home Decor
Popular Massage Chairs PL-820 Black
Popular Massage Chairs PL-820 Light Brown
Popular Massage Chairs PL-820 Ivory
Popular Massage Chairs PL-820 Brown

PL-800 Massage ChairClick Here for Additional Details on the PL-820PL-800 Massage Chair

best massage chairPL-820 Deluxe Features and Programs
best massage chair
  • Eleven automatically programed massages to relieve soreness on head, neck, shoulder, back, lower back, leg, calf, and foot areas. You will be amazed by the quality of massage.

  • Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massage: with automatic massage programs, which can be selected to preference to provide a complete full body massage experience.

  • Five pressure point programs, which create realistic professional massage sensation.

  • Six pressure point massage functions, which can be executed independently or in combinations to help relief your bodies aches and pains.

  • Built-in Chi Machine to improve blood circulation, increase oxygen and stimulate the Lymphatic system. Foot cradle gently rocks side to side for additional health benefits.

  • Automatically adjusts to the the users' height to accurately locate acupressure points.

  • Virtually silent (only 45db). Similar to the sound of soft music.

  • Remote control with detailed user friendly LCD display.

  • Heated for added relaxation, muscular benefits and ultimate stress relieving decadence!
    Automatic recline and extend feature
  • Electronically adjustable reclining with automatic function to return to the upright position. (Range from 110 to 175 degree)

  • Dimensions ~ Upright Position: 35in W x 46in H x 44in D
    Fully Reclined: 35in W x 28in H x 75in D

    Popular Massage Chair  820 front dimensions
    Popular Massage Chair  820 side dimensions
    Popular Massage Chair  820 side dimensions reclined

  • Back massage stroke length of the massaging path is up to 35.5 inches.

  • Three speed Heated vibrating massage seat for hips and gluteal region relaxation.

  • Fine Italian Leather for longer life and additional comfort.

  • Certified by: UL - CUL - FDA - CE

  • Five Year Warranty

Combination Foot & Calf Massage using both Kneading & Rolling
  • Foot support can be set to five various angles (180, 145, 110, 90, and 0 degree)
  • Calf, foot kneading and rolling functions with pressure point massage function.
  • Automatic or manual kneading and rolling programs with three various levels.
  • Foot support extends to support various user heights and body positions.

    Hi-Tech, Multi-Functional, Human Engineering Designed Remote Control

    Hi-Tech, Multi-Functional, Human Engineering Designed Remote Control

PL-820 is Pre Assembled and easily folds for ease of storage
Pre-assembled. The PL-820 massage chair is fully functional right out of the box and easily folds.

Please call for more Information or to place your order!

Sale Price: $3300.00

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