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Energetic Root Cause of Dis-Ease

The Basic Energetic Root Cause of Disease

In a growing school of thought, the roots of all physical dis-ease are belived to begin in the non-physical. Following are some common ailments, and the possible non-physical issues underlying the symptoms. It should be noted that fear is the root of all dis-ease, and the route to regaining balance in the physical body lies in healing one's belief system, or bringing it into harmony with spiritual truth and one's desires. All dis-ease, whether mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, stems from misdirected energy, usually aimed at repression or resistance of something by the ego. The body can receive healing energy from the Universe directly or through a healer, and this can relieve the symptoms for a time, but this healing will not "last" unless the root causes of the problem are resolved.


Something we are afraid to look at consciously or directly is rising to the surface. Acne can also arise when more energy is flowing through than we can process. Adolescents often develop acne because their sexual/creative energy begins to surge, yet they lack constructive outlets for it, or repress their energy/desires due to cultural mores. At times of great spiritual growth, we can develop acne or similar skin problems as the blocks in our energy fields erupt, allowing energy that can not flow all the way through our systems an outlet.


Similar to acne, inner conflicts that are not dealt with and resolved can erupt through the skin.


Allergies tend to develop when we don't feel at home in our physical body or our physical environment.

Paranoia or feelings of persecution can also lead to allergies.


When we feel deceived or deceitful, problems in the ankles can arise.


Boils can result from situations like with acne, above, or can result from allowing anger to come to a boil, without resolving/expressing it constructively.


Our skeleton and bones represent our self-image, who we think we are. The skull protects our personality and ideas, our own private inner reality. The spine is a major power center, and problems in the spine can arise when we feel powerless or inadequate. Procrastination often arises from feeling powerless, and so this tends to show up in the spine or neck. Problems in the neck can also be linked to a feeling that there is no support for one's personal ideas or beliefs. The spine represents what is most important to us in life, and that which we uphold.

Brain Problems

The Amazing Mind. When you stop learning you stop growing.These occur when one's inner world feels encroached upon. Feelings of mental violation, an invasion of one's inner space, can lead to problems in the brain. We need to feel that our thoughts and inner reality are our own, and are valid.


We often attract the experience of being burned when we allow anger to build up, or are afraid of someone else getting angry with us. Fear of being hurt (playing with fire) can lead us to being burned.

Circulation Problems

The Circulatory system represents emotions and the flow of love and affection in our lives. It's keenly tied into our general energy flow, and the constant channeling of energy through from the non-physical into the physical.


Colds are attracted when we do too much, give too much of our time and energy, and have trouble saying "no." It's a way our bodies have of slowing us down and making us regain balance. Developing a cold causes us to reaffirm our boundaries, take needed time to rest, and distance ourselves from others who make demands on our time and energy. Colds can arise from periods of stress and confusion, (note the relationships between stress and the immune system), and they allow those of us who tend to push ourselves to take a needed break.


Arises from tension, worry and fear of going with the flow, or letting go of control. Can also arise when we get fixated on something, and hold on to emotions that don't serve our well-being.


Arises when we feel panicked with new changes and new experiences. There's a need to slow down and process and reflect upon things. It can arise when we're overwhelmed with emotions, either positive or negative, and in situations where we feel "nervous" such as weddings, speeches, etc... In this situation, we summon too much energy with our nervousness.


Diabetes is linked to issues of self-love and not feeling worthy of great happiness and the sweet things in life. Adult onset is often a result of living too much in the moment and not planning ahead. This is also rooted in feeling like one does not deserve to build a grand and wonderful life, hence all pleasure is seized in the moment. Issues of balance and self-love are key.

Digestive Problems

Our stomachs are keenly tied to our emotions, and often express what is happening in our emotional bodies if we don't work through our feelings consciously.


Problems with hearing will often arise when one is bombarded with unpleasant messages in one's environment. If one has a partner or parent that nags or criticizes, hearing problems can develop. Someone who tends to be an ostrich and wants to avoid the "negatives" in life can develop hearing problems to insulate their own inner reality from what's happening around them.


Related to a limited view of reality, a belief system that does not encompass our biggest dreams and goals. There's tension here between what we dream of and what we believe is possible. It can also arise from little irritations, little things constantly going awry that we allow to "get under our skin."


Vision problems tend to develop when we fear looking at or seeing something. Those who are far-sighted tend to live in the future, worrying about and dreaming about tomorrow, but not seizing today. Short-sighted people can't plan ahead or visualize the future, they tend to believe that things will never get better, and therefore they focus more on where they've been and are than where they want to go.


Getting the flu often arises from being too open to mass consciousness, or being too suggestible.

Foot Problems

Stem from a lack of confidence or faith, and a fear of moving forward, making decisions and taking action in one's life.

Hand Problems

General hand problems can be linked to issues related to security and material well-being. Also, our hands reveal how we use our power. Hands can heal, but they can also kill. Sometimes we develop problems with our hands when we did something terrible with them in the past, or in a past life. Issues of greed can show up in the hands also.


Problems and issues with authority, a feeling of being "under someone's thumb" or of dominating another in this way can lead to thumb problems.

Index Finger

Also linked to issues of authority, especially in terms of one's own leadership ability and self-confidence.

Middle Finger

Related to creative expression, especially in terms of one's spiritual perspective and beliefs and experiences.

Ring Finger

Problems here are generally tied to issues of marriage and relationship.


Linked to issues of sexual expression and energy and issues of communication, both verbal and written.


Headaches are rooted in worry or the tendency to stress out over problems. There's a need for more constructive/creative thinking, and more optimism. Also linked to intellectualizing, a desire to maintain control, and unbalanced ambition. Hurrying, rationalizing, and blocking feelings or intuition can lead to headaches. If one represses sorrow or emotional pain, headaches will often develop.


Is linked to fear of change, rigidity or resistance.

Hip Problems

Usually related to feel unable to move forward, and to being rigid in one's beliefs or approach to life.


These arise when little things are irritating us at a less than conscious level; something has gotten "under our skin." Rashes also can arise when we are angry at ourselves, and feel we should be punished.


Often results from untempered rationalizing, such as could lead to prejudice and beliefs or attitudes that seem "practical" but not compassionate or loving.

Kidney Problems

Kidney problems often arise when we blame others for our problems or feelings. Such problems arise from feelings of frustration and disappointment, and the tendency to misdirect this energy, expecting others to "make us happy" or blaming others for our disappointment. There's a need to take responsibility for one's own happiness and end patterns of blame.


Knee problems can be related to issues of flexibility, and are also associated with pride or a lack of humility. One's relationship to "God" or the Universe can be reflected here. Atheists and egoists tend to have knee problems, believing themselves invincible and above all other intelligent forces in the Universe. Stubbornness often leads to knee problems.

Larynx problems

These arise from not speaking one's mind and expressing one's feelings and needs, or from being verbally abusive.

Liver Problems

Liver problems can arise from constant negative thinking, rationalizing, complaining, criticizing, finding fault with others or looking for the negative in situations. There's a need to see one's self and the world more objectively, and to be more honest with oneself, more self aware.


Leg problems arise from fear of moving forward and change, and also feeling like there is a lack of support in one's life, a sense that things are tenuous.


Migraines are very common in people who regularly shift their energy to extremes. I know many psychics and mediums who suffer from migraines, and I think this is related to the conscious manipulation of their vibration as they stretch back and forth between energetic dimensions. Migraines can also arise from someone who is strong-willed, and tries to "will" what they desire into being, as opposed to visualizing what they want and then allowing it in. Migraines are also associated with mistrust of or negative views of the opposite sex. They can also occur when one resists the flow of life.

Mouth problems

Arise when one has difficulty allowing in new ideas and experiences. Also, there is the need to balance between listening and speaking, and the need to express one's true self.


For men, this often relates to doubts about one's masculinity, and fear that one is not lovable. For women, this can relate to a fear of having or not having children, and to whether or not one is good enough as a mother. Also can arise from fear of being responsible for another person, or from fears that one is not lovable or loved.

Respiratory System/lungs

Respiratory problems relate to feelings of not being free. The breath is essential to life, and greatly affects our whole energy system. Lung/breathing problems can arise when we try to hold back from life, or when we feel trapped or otherwise restricted.

Shoulder/clavicle/collar bone

Feeling overwhelmed or overburdened, like the world rests on our shoulders, can lead to problems in this area.

Sinus Problems

Sinus problems tend to arise from congested thinking. Trying to intellectualize our way out of situations that can only be determined by the heart can lead to sinus infections. This often happens when someone near us is irritating us or violating our needs somehow, and we don't do anything about it. There's a need to get more honest, and express and present to the world our own true thoughts and feelings.

Sternum and ribs

These protect our very lives, and when we injure them, we are usually feeling our lives are in jeopardy. Healthy ribs represent a feeling of physical security. General problems in chest area and spine often arise from feelings that we do not deserve to live as we choose.


Problems here relate to feelings that we are not smart enough, or able to learn and adapt and compete. Problems with the lower bowels are often rooted in an inability to forgive and trouble releasing old hurts. Feelings of betrayal can show up here.

Teeth & Gums problems

Are related to issues of self-confidence, and how much faith we have in ourselves to make good decisions. Problems with the teeth can also arise when we try to please everyone, which is impossible, usually.


Problems here are related to the details of life, and worrying over little things.


We often develop ulcers when we feel we're being judged, and are very worried about our images, or what others think. We can also develop ulcers when we feel things are not fair, when injustices are being committed. Can also arise from stress, fear and worry.

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